Laboratory Exercise on Power Engineering II



Niklas Driendl

Research Assistant


+49 241 80 97643



The laboratory is aimed at students of electrical engineering in their main studies. It is offered jointly by the institutes for:

  • Electrical Machines, IEM for short
  • Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, ISEA for short
  • Power Systems and Power Economics, IAEW for short
  • High Voltage Technology, IFHT for short

and includes 12 experiments, which are divided equally between the four institutes:

Experiments at the Institute of Electrical Machines

  • Dynamic behaviour of the DC machine
  • Induction machine wirh constant stator and rotor flux linkage
  • Permanent-magnet synchronous machine with pole wheel position sensor

Experiments at the Institute of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

  • Grid-controlled converters
  • DC-DC converter, also buck-converter
  • Induction machine with digital signal prozessor, DSP for short

Experiments at the Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics

  • Planning of High and Very High Voltage Networks
  • Power flow control in interconnected grids
  • Transient stability

Experiments at the Institute of High Voltage Technology

  • High-voltage measuring technology
  • Transient events on wires: traveling waves
  • Electromagnetic compatibility, EMC for short, interference coupling

All Information about the registration for the laboratory can be found at Anmeldung zum Praktikum Energietechnik II of the RWTH Aachen University.

The language of the course is German and Englisch.