Laboratory Exercise on Power Engineering I



Niklas Driendl

Research Assistant


+49 241 80 97643



In this laboratory, the contents of the measuring and system engineering knowledge in the energy technology practice is taught. Here, simulations are created in individual projects tasks and their results compared with practical measurements in order to learn the relationsships of the individual components.

It is offered jointly by the institutes for:

  • Electrical Machines, IEM for short
  • Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, ISEA for short
  • Power Systems and Power Economics, IAEW for short
  • High Voltage Technology, IFHT for short

and includes 12 experiments, which are divided equally between the four institutes:

Experiments at the Institute of Electrical Machines

  • Operating behavior of the DC machine
  • Induction machine with squirrel cage and slip ring rotor
  • Synchronous machine as a generator

Experiments at the Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics

  • Three-phase overhead line in normal operation and in the event of a fault
  • Exciter system
  • Protection against shock currents

Experiments at the Institute of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

  • Puls wifth modulation of switches reluctance machines
  • Operation and control of a servo drive with microcomputers
  • Position control of a servo drive with microcomputers

Experiments at the Institute of High Voltage Technology

  • AC voltage measurement and impact test
  • DC voltage generation and measurement
  • Disruptive voltage examination

All Information about the laboratory can be found at RTWHOnline of the RWTH Aachen University.

The language of the course is German and Englisch.