Design and Simulation and Measure, Operate, Control



David Ukwungwu

Research Assistant


+49 241 80 93965



The project design and simulation, CAE for short, and measure, operate, control, MSR for short, covers two topics. Within these topics, the students will be presented with various project works at the beginning of the semester, which they can work on. The focal points of the individual topics are listed below.

Design and Simulation, also Computer-Aided Engineering

This topic is about:

  • Creation of CAD models and finite element networks
  • Simulation of electromagnetic problems
  • Visualization and interactive evaluation
  • Implementation of new numerical methods

Measure, Operate, Control

This topic is about:

  • Planning and execution of measurement series, for example for measuring electrical machines
  • Measurement evaluation and result visualization
  • Concept design of test benches
  • Planning, construction and commissioning